October 10th, 2007


the blessing of low expectations

Things are going well over here!

  • The insane season of Jewish holidays wrapped up nicely at the end of last week. Collapse )

  • Now, thank goodness, I'm back to normal full weeks that don't constantly require planning for the next 3-day yom tov around the corner. Trouble is, I don't remember what I used to do with my evenings. For the past month I was always food shopping, cooking, making plans, or doing laundry. Before that, I think I watched baseball every evening. What now? Not sure.

  • The weather has been absolutely amazing here. I cannot remember a time when there were 5 or 6 straight weeks of absolutely perfect weather. We almost hit 90 twice this week, in October! Today is the last day of sunny skies and temperatures above 75, but it was an amazing run. Best September ever.

  • At work, atthe_algonquin brought in the "Commit-and-Ditch Pony", a little My Little Pony all dolled up. It gets given to whoever most recently checked in some bad code and then left for the day, causing everyone else to scramble around and fix the mistake so some work can get done. d_m has it now, but based on our history, someone else will have it within a week.

  • Finally, jennyrhill was curious about seeing people's desks. So here's mine at work: Collapse )

Happy Wednesday!

facial/name/object recognition quiz thing

Face Recognition Memory

In the face recognition test, you were asked to learn the faces of 10 women. When you were tested on these faces, you had to indicate whether a face on the screen was one you learned or one that you hadn't seen before.

Out of 20 familiar faces, you correctly responded that you had seen 12 faces before.

Out of 30 unfamiliar faces, you correctly responded that you had NOT seen 23 faces before.

Overall, you got 70% correct! The average score on this test is 85% correct. Your percentile rank on this test was 4.

Collapse )