September 30th, 2007



From my Facebook news feed:

3 hours ago: Desh is PLAYOFFS!!!!!
3 hours ago: Jo is YEAH PHILLIES!!!!!
3 hours ago: Julie is GO PHILLIES!!!
1 hour ago: Ezra is is ecstatic about the Phillies being NL East Champions.
55 minutes ago: Russ is is wondering what mets fans would say to him if the roles were reversed...
[Don't worry, Russ. I'm sure your Yanks can afford to make the playoffs for many years to come.]

This city is going nuts. I've always believed that Philly is a baseball city first. Football's a close second, but we've all been in denial about how much it's hurt to not have made the baseball playoffs in the past 13 years, and now all the excitement is bubbling up to the surface. The last time the Phils were in the playoffs, I was 12. And the Rays, D'backs, Rockies, and Marlins (and the three World Series champions among them) didn't even exist. I've never in my life seen such excitement for just making the playoffs! But I'm feeling it along with the rest of the city, 100%.

We're so happy now that 10,000 fans were still in the ballpark over an hour after the clinching win today, and not a single one of them booed as Harry Kalas sang two full verses and choruses of "High Hopes" on TV and over the PA. (It's a Philly thing. If you're not from here, you wouldn't understand. And even if you are from here, you still probably wouldn't.)

There's not a single person in the city who thinks that we're anything less than the best team in the NL right now, and those of us who are daring to think as far as the World Series know that we at least have a shot there too. We've finally got a solid back 3 in the bullpen, and we've got the best offense in baseball including the NL MVP. And we're ready to rumble.

And what a way to get here! I'm going to remember this run for years!

GO PHILS! Ya gotta believe!

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