September 10th, 2007



I led Kabbalat Shabbat at Merkaz on Friday night. It was fun. I need to lead services more often. Which means I need to learn how to lead more different services.

Saturday night around midnight, I was walking through Rittenhouse Square and saw a group of three guys sitting around and playing music. This was remarkable for two reasons: First, this was the first time I'd seen people playing music in the square all summer, since the rule/ordinance/whatever was passed banning music. This rule got some awful publicity, but not enough that people actually know about it. It really frustrates me, not the least because it causes musicians to play late at night, when there is actually a reasonable argument to be made that it's disruptive. The second reason is that there was a guitarist, a guitarist with a harmonica, and a banjo player. Yay, bluegrass.

At work today, the air conditioners for the server room were out. We had internet access, but nothing else we needed for work. Before we all went home early, we were all quite thankful that C had recently found Lemmings online. Interesting day.

With my extra time at the end of the day, I ran down to the Eagles' Pro Shop and got myself a 1933 throwback hat. So awesome that it's the colors of the Philadelphia flag, and so awesome that the Eagles are taking the risk of bringing back a throwback uniform with less "cool" colors that bear no resemblance to the team's current color scheme.

The above paragraph is the only football that is going to be discussed in this post.

I have such craploads of stuff to do in the less-than-48-hours (holy crap) before Rosh Hashanah starts. It's a "3-day yom tov"*, and it's the first of three 3-day yom tovs in the next four weeks. That'll be fun.

Speaking of which, those of you who care about this sort of thing, don't forget Eruv Tavshilin on Wednesday afternoon.

Am I a horrible person for loving Saturday's F-Minus? Really, I think it's hilarious. But at the same time, I'm a bit scared to say that to any parents I know. (Except T at work. He loved it too, as I thought he would.)

Yesterday's xkcd was awesome too. Yay for half-plus-seven! And yay for this coming out just several days after two people, completely independently, brought up the fact that I don't date much. One was just trying to figure out why, and one was trying to "get me out there" or whatever. But now I have an excuse! I'm just waiting until I get older and my dating pool grows a bit more; I'm not "running out of time" in any sense at all! (These two people, by the way, are well-meaning, close friends who love me a lot and are just trying to help. And people are always welcome to ask me whatever they want without my getting upset or thinking any less of them. But still.)


With the holiday coming soon, I just wanted to wish everyone reading this a happy and sweet new year. (Or happy and sweet random day in September, if you prefer.) May the next year bring you love, happiness, fulfillment, stability, or whatever it is that you're looking for. I'd also like to apologize at this time for anything I may have done, knowingly or otherwise, to hurt you in the past year. Please forgive me. (And if this nonspecific public platitude doesn't suffice for you, please comment here or email me so we can talk further about whatever situation you have in mind.)

*"Yom tov" is one term for a Jewish holiday; specifically, the kind of holiday on which much work is forbidden. There's really no such thing as a 3-day yom tov. But when you observe a 2-day yom tov that falls on Thursday-Friday or on Sunday-Monday, the fact that Shabbat falls right before/after means three straight days of not doing whatever you don't do on Shabbat or yom tov. For me, this includes going to work, talking on the phone, and using my computer. It also involves not buying anything, including food. It means that I'm going to be spending much of the non-yom-tov non-Shabbat days for next month or so catching up on work, catching up on blog reading, doing big food shoppings, and so on.

3-day yom tovs can be quite stressful. But sometimes I think I prefer them to 2-day mid-week yom tovs, because at least this way I can have 4 straight days of being productive in between, rather than stopping every day or two for either yom tov or Shabbat. The least stressful configuration is when the holiday coincides with Shabbat, thus cutting down on the total number of days of not doing stuff. But it also cuts down on the total number of days of enjoying the holiday or Shabbat. So...whatever.