September 5th, 2007


But what do humanitarians eat?

As of sometime this evening, I hit one month without eating any meat. (Well, depends on how you define meat, I guess. I've had fish.) The last meat I had was some chicken at rue101's wedding on the afternoon of August 5th.

I'm not becoming a vegetarian. Most of this was "accidental", in that I wasn't aiming for a one-month goal until recently, when I had to do a little meat-avoiding in situations when one of my parents was offering to cook for me. I just don't have meat that much. And then I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do a month, and do it easily. I guess I'm a true flexitarian now, or something. It's certainly not going to last another month, especially not with Rosh Hashanah meals about a week away.

I don't think I could ever become a vegetarian, mainly because I can't imagine Passover or Thanksgiving without meat. And it's probably bad for you to only have meat once or twice a year, since your body gets used to not having those particular proteins or something (or is that just a nasty rumor?). So the minimum I could see myself having meat is probably a half-dozen times a year or something. But I have no real desire to cut down my current rate: every couple of weeks or month or so, usually on holidays or weekends.

What's the longest you occasionally go without eating meat?

Approximately as long as I sleep at night. Less than that if I get a bad craving.
A day, MAYBE two.
A week or so, sometimes.
Several weeks.
Several months.
Infinity time, you damn carnivore.