August 30th, 2007


baseball ramblings

Holy crap, I cannot ever remember a Phillies series like this one. Outside the playoffs, I've never heard of a baseball series like this at all. We go into a 4-game set against the division leader, 6 games up on us, and with a rotation made up of a 44 year old who can't throw 6 innings, a journeyman, a guy who has been cut about 17 times this year, a rookie no one had ever heard of before we called him up, and the guy with the league's highest ERA.

We win a game 9-2. We come back and win a game 4-2 that hinged on a 40 foot swinging bunt down the third base line that somehow curved fair. We win a game 3-2 on an interference play when the opposing runner tried to break up a double play by acting like a tight end run-blocking. And we come back and win a wild game 11-10, scoring 3 runs in two innings off of one of the best closers of all time, and getting 2 homers (4 for the series) from the most-booed player in Philadelphia history.

We're now 2 back in the division. We're now 2 back in the wild card (well, technically 2.5, but whoever loses the SDP/ARZ game tonight will be the new wild card leader, and we'll be a half game closer to them then). Cole Hamels is coming off the DL in a few days. Werth and Burrell are having career weeks and career half-seasons. And damn, I'm pumped.

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We're easily in the top 4 NL teams right now. Too bad none of those teams is in the NL Central, so at least 1 of the 4 has to miss the playoffs. If we can keep winning series the rest of the way, that one team won't be us.