August 26th, 2007


Travel hell!

So my cousin was getting married in Gloucester, about an hour outside of Boston, at 4pm today. To leave myself some flexibility, I booked myself an 11:15 US Airways flight out of Philly due to land in Boston at 12:30. I thought about going earlier, but figured that would be plenty of leeway.

I woke up way too early, around 7 to catch a 9:00 train. I got to the airport, amazed at how many PHL->BOS flights there are. There was an 8:15, a 9:15, and two 11:15s, all from my airline.

And then they canceled my flight. Not the other flight at 11:15; mine. Not delayed it while they got another plane to obviate the "maintenance" issues; just canceled it. Never, ever, EVER do I get out of PHL unscathed. When I fly US Airways, I'm always at least an hour behind, or worse.

So I'm practically crying in the airport. The customer service person is useless, telling me she can get me to Boston via Pittsburgh at 6:something pm. Or to Providence at 2:55. I'm so pissed. I consider trying to bribe people off of the 1:15 Boston departure. Finally, she tells me she can get me on a flight through DC that gets into Boston at 3:14, if I can get to it in time. I figure I might at least get there for the wedding food, if someone can get me to Gloucester. So I go for it.

Of course, the DC flight is overbooked. And is late leaving, while the overwhelmed gate attendant asks for volunteers to leave the flight that was half-full an hour earlier but is now full because of all of us Boston refugees. I manage to get on the plane, and the scheduled 11:57 pulls away from the gate at 12:20. I figure I have a 50% shot of catching my 1:45 DC connection at all, and almost none of catching the wedding.

But then things start going right. There's no line for takeoff, and we're in the air at 12:30.

Wheels down in DC by 1:00.

I literally spend less than 5 minutes in National Airport proper, sprinting from one plane to the other. The plane pulls away from the gate early. Wheels up at 1:47.

Wheels down in Boston at 2:47, almost a half hour BEFORE the scheduled time.

By 3:00 I'm in a cab (one of the few that take credit cards!) hurtling through light traffic, weaving toward Gloucester. We get there by 3:52, which leaves me just enough time to finish changing into my suit in the parking lot of the random (and quite beautiful) oceanside inn serving as the setting for the rapidly approaching wedding.

A miracle, I really think. (Especially since my mom feels guilty that I took such a late flight to Boston and is picking up the $135 cab bill.)

Now I'm quasi-relaxed (though I don't think complete relaxation is in the cards today), chilling with ursamajor and hyounpark at their place, before sleeping a bit and then getting up at Ass A.M. for a very generous ride to the airport from Hyoun.

Yes, folks, I get to go through this again tomorrow.

Oh, and the wedding was lovely, by the way.