June 20th, 2007



Last night I saw Ocean’s Thirteen.

First off, I can’t believe this franchise has gone on as long as it has. It’s been nothing but downhill since Ocean’s Seven.

--Dreamhost Blog

I didn't actually see Ocean's Thirteen. But I did see Knocked Up last night with Erik, Erika, and Melissa. It was good. I rarely see movies. This is the first one I saw in theaters since RENT. But I usually enjoy movies when I do see them, and this was no exception. It was made even better by a wonderful HITG: the male nurse near the end was played by Adam Scott, who also played Griff, the bully who replaced Harley Kiner in Boy Meets World!

After the movie, I came home and crashed for over 9 hours, Benadryl-assisted. I'm a little ill.

But I'm having fun anyway! This weekend I was in New York. I took 3 trains straight from work to Sarah C's apartment building, where I attended my first ever rooftop rooftop davening* and rooftop potluck dinner, in honor of Ari B's birthday. Saturday I went to Hadar, saw tons of people (including DCP for the first time in over a year!), had lunch at Lev's without Lev but with Adin and Getzel and Bev, napped a bit, and then hung out with Yossi and Jamie, walking and playing Carcassone until Havdalah. Saturday night I nixed a midnight trip to Long/Atlantic Beach because I was already starting to feel under the weather, and instead played some illegal abandonware with BZ.

Sunday, while planning to catch an early train home, I got a call from Eitan, who was inviting me to the aforementioned concert in Central Park and offering me a ride back to Philly afterwards. Little did I know at the time that he didn't know I was already in New York, and was therefore a bit surprised when I actually decided to go. I don't normally listen to Israeli music, but I'd heard so much about this band that I wanted to check them out anyway. They were pretty good. More enjoyable than the band, though, was all of the juxtapositions in the crowd. All these Jews listening to the opening reggae band and DJ before Idan Raichel; probably the most Jewish crowd to ever attend a non-Matisyahu reggae show. And, also, since it was 90 degrees out, there were guys without shirts on and girls in bikini tops, but since it was a show that draws an observant Jewish audience, there were also guys in pants and shirts and kippot, and girls with half-sleeve shirts and long denim skirts.

Then I had frisbee-related duties Monday night, the movie last night, a chiro appointment tonight, and my first regular season frisbee game of the year tomorrow night. I'll find time to sleep off this cold eventually...

*Rooftop rooftop davening is davening (that is, Jewish prayer) done on a rooftop in a particular style that has come to be known as "rooftop davening". Rooftop davening, conceived of in New York a few years ago, is songful communal davening without a leader. The traditional order of a prayer service is followed, and for each prayer or psalm, anyone who chooses can lead it to a tune of their choice. No announcement is necessary, one just begins leading. If no one does after a bit, the group will do that bit of the service silently. Rooftop davening originally happened in a group without a minyan (prayer quorum of 10), but it can happen with a minyan as well. I'd done rooftop davening once before (that is, rooftop-style: at Brown one time), and I'd sort of done rooftop davening before (that is, on a rooftop: also at Brown once, kind of), but I'd never done rooftop rooftop davening before.

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And a couple random links and thoughts...

Anyone else getting facebook notifications emailed to them like 2 weeks late? Even LJ was never that bad. (Well, except for that one time. And that other one time. But those don't count.)

Language Log post of the day, with compelling evidence that, though "the media (and perhaps the culture at large) seem to be converging on" a distinction between the words "sex" and "gender", it's not the distinction that most of us use. Also, my usage dictionary, if I remember correctly, doesn't even address the difference between sex and gender (though I can double-check this if anyone would like me to). I wonder what this usage difference between my social circles and culture at large says about my socioeconomic/political/whatever place in life.


Man, I wish this were real. Can you imagine how much fun that last one would be? You'd call random people that you didn't even know were still in your phonebook! And have to move the phone back and forth from your mouth to your ear! I want one.

Happy Wednesday!

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Holy crap, did someone say that massage is supposed to be relaxing? Just had my first massage appointment at the chiropractor's, and that was one of the most stressful half-hours I've had in recent memory. See, any time the massage guy (what's the right term for him?) poked and prodded my rib near where my problems are, I realized just how sensitive I am there. And how naturally protective I am of that area, perhaps even more so than I am with an area that guys are traditionally protective of. But sometimes he was holding my arm out or up or something, thus thwarting my protection instincts, and I couldn't do anything but clench my teeth and wince a lot. It was just as challenging mentally as it was physically.

But you know what? If it helps me get better finally, I'll do this every week for as long as he damn well wants.