June 14th, 2007


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When the subject of some spam tells me that "She will love [me] more than any other guy", do they mean that she will love me more than she loves any other guy, or that she will love me more than any other guy will love me? It's a tantalizing ambiguity.

I had a chiro appointment yesterday. Like I did after the one other chiro appointment I ever had, an aborted attempt at going regularly about two years ago, my back pain now feels roughly like it did 6 months ago. In this case, that's not necessarily a good thing in the short term. But if that can happen after every appointment, then I only need 15 or 16 more to be healed! I'm going again tomorrow.

To those of you who posted that self-affirmation quasi-meme the other day: I haven't forgotten to comment. It's just a matter of me trying to think of something to say that's not too gushy.

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Finally, unfortunately, Philadelphia was overrun by junikies yesterday, nearly triggering an all-out war. Apparently this was hardly the worst thing to happen yesterday. Quite unfortunate.

Happy Thursday!