June 4th, 2007


Proof I'm not that old yet

On the advice of Jonah Keri, my favorite new ESPN columnist, I went to Retrosheet to look up the box score of the first baseball game I ever attended. It was easy for me to track down the specific game, months shy of 20 years later, because I remembered that Kevin Gross (who I thought had come out of the bullpen that game but was in fact the Phillies' starting pitcher) had gotten tossed out for doctoring the baseball.

The game was against the Cubs. The Phillies won. The losing pitcher? Jamie Moyer, who is now the #2 starter on the 2007 Phillies. Twenty years later.

90's Music Monday

This is a concert video of my favorite song from one of my favorite bands ever, Live.

[ link ]

Really, they're an underrated band. There are plenty more songs of theirs I love. But this is a truly fantastic one. (I think the album version is better, though, so if you have Throwing Copper (the one with Lightning Crashes), then rather than watching this video, pop in your CD and play track 12.)

Thanks always to flyinbutrs for pointing out this song and many of their better ones to me.