May 21st, 2007

fuzzy sweatpants

pet peeves

1. So it seems that LJ tried, and failed, to only let people post videos that don't autoplay. I would rather my friends page not start screaming at me with some random music like a MySpace page, thanks. Please don't post uncut autoplaying videos, especially with sound (but even without). I might turn on the option to placeholder all videos, but I'd rather not.

2. Y'all smokers who are respectful about how you smoke: Thank you, and this doesn't apply to you. To the rest of y'all: Flicking your butts away when you're done smoking is NOT an acceptable way of getting rid of them (unless it's on your own property, in which case, what do I care). Philadelphia is fucking filthy with millions of discarded butts all over the city. I see people adding to the piles all the time, and literally the only thing keeping me from screaming at the people at that moment is the outside chance that they're carrying a weapon. (I'm sure this happens more often, really, but) I have only ONCE in my life seen someone finish a cigarette while sitting somewhere, extinguish it, look around for an ash tray or trash can, find none, and put the butt in a bag for later disposal. In that circumstance, that's the ONLY acceptable thing to do. Out of sight, out of mind does not fucking work, and you're just leaving your chemically engineered poison for animals to find and the rest of us to look at until some poor schlub has to pick it up.

Actually, I lied. This does concern you respectful smokers, the ones who don't litter and don't blow smoke in my face while walking past me on the sidewalk. It concerns you because I shouldn't have any beef with you, but you're being given a bad name by everyone else. If you'd rather that I and everyone like me not think ill of you by association, please help by making sure your smoking buddies aren't also litterers.

3. War. What's with that, anyway?

Flame on.