May 17th, 2007



I had an absolutely wonderful time in Boston last weekend. It was about damn time, is all I can say. I hadn't been there for a year and a half, and that last visit was just a 24 hour thing during a week in Providence. This was my first dedicated trip there since flyinbutrs was still living in Brookline. And I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is. (Maybe I'm lucky, but I always get good weather there.) I stayed at ever-hospitable Pika over Shabbat. (Thanks again, conana.) I ate some indeterminate number of Shabbat meals (because who am I to say when one stops and the next starts?), many of which were outside in Cambridge parks, all courtesy of the lovely tobeginagain. I won at Jewish Geography several times. I got to see Joe and Ilana and Sophie and Lee and some great new people over Shabbat, and rue101 and Beth on Sunday. And then, in the airport on Sunday, when I had been planning and hoping to meet benjifus at his gate upon his return to Boston from a weekend with Rochester folks, I not only saw him, but also Jacob Eden, Mrs. Bernick and family, and my aunt and uncle. It was quite the Akiba reunion at Logan, and I got a ride home out of the deal.

Also in Boston I bought Mitch's newest book. This was also a bit of good timing, because I usually like reading his stuff on Shavuot, which just happens to be next week! Yay!

Work continues apace. I've joined a summer Ultimate (that's Frisbee) league with a couple of coworkers, so that should be fun once it gets going. I haven't played in a couple years, so it should be nice to get back into it. But hopefully not too nice, because I'll be missing Finals Weekend, and it would be unfortunate if that becomes a major regret.

I'm hosting a Shabbat dinner tomorrow night, for the first time in roughly two years. Eh, it was my turn.

Today I purchased a cellular telephone over the internet's World Wide Web. I got sick of calling every Cingular store in the area to find out when they'd get it in stock.

I finally successfully upgraded my computer to Win XP SP2. I know, I'm so cool. Welcome to 2004, me! I also recently put a moderate amount of money into my car, which now rides better than it has in years. It's sad, though, that I'm still considering paying $100 for a fixed speedometer and $200 for a new radio (MP3 CDs and HD radio) even though I'm trying to convince myself to get rid of the car by the end of the summer.