May 15th, 2007

philly flag


We may be seeing an outbreak of civic optimism. Most of the voters tell pollsters they are unhappy with the direction of the city. I think that signals discontent with the present, not pessimism about the future....

This election could offer proof that there is a constituency for a Philadelphia that is neither corrupt not contented. That we can be a city that draws new people and new jobs, an ancient urban place that is still brimming with vitality — with more to come....

We are poised on the threshold of change. Tuesday will tell us what the next step will be.

--Tom Ferrick, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 13, 2007

This is the most important election for this city since back when you had to flip grey switches and pull red levers to vote for mayor. So, Democratic Philadelphians, you're all voting today, right?

Find your polling place at the Committee of Seventy's website. Also, contact them immediately if you see anything wrong, which has historically taken the form of union campaigning within polling places. The ballot is long and turnout will be high, so there will be lines. But you've got all day, and nothing more important to do. So go. Consider it a favor to me, if necessary. Just, please. Read more about the candidates. And VOTE.