April 27th, 2007


Good things lately

Perfect weather in a beautiful location last weekend at the NHC Chesapeake Retreat.

Excellent company at last weekend's retreat. Great new people, and wonderful to see and be refreshed by the not-so-new people.

Great davening and singing at last weekend's retreat. The great davening might have, or might not have, included me leading shabbos mincha; my first time ever leading a service with a full repetition. The great singing definitely did include a bunch of us laying down some wedding tracks for Ruby K and General Anna.

A fantastic touch football game at last weekend's retreat, run by ZST and the rest of his DC-area shabbos football regulars. Even the sunburn from that wasn't too bad, and the exhiliration from some good team sport was definitely sorely missed.

alanscottevil showing up randomly at last weekend's retreat, and then giving me a much-needed ride back to Philly.

Roughly everything about last weekend's retreat.

Trebuchet bowling at work. (Pics hopefully coming soon.)

The Philadelphia Eagles' new throwback uniforms. (I might buy a hat.)

My cabbie just now: "These American women here, they're beautiful."
Me: "Yeah...."
Cabbie: "But tough. It's like a horse in the forest without a rider."
Me: "......."

Adam visiting this weekend!

Me visiting Boston two weeks from now! (Still tentative, but almost definite. Anyone there free that weekend?)

The cell phone I've wanted for almost 6 months finally being released this morning!