April 16th, 2007


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The news is saying that the nor'easter is comparable in strength to a category 3 hurricane.

Yesterday had the most recorded rainfall in a single April day in Philadelphia history, the most for any day outside of the Atlantic hurricane season (June through November), and the 13th most for any day in Philadelphia history. (For the record, the first day on that list was the day I moved into college. True story.)

There was some snowfall officially recorded in Philly this morning, which makes this year tied for third ever in terms of latest snowfall.

367 is opening two hours late today.

And the apocalypse is coming? Perhaps?

5 years ago tomorrow was my last day of classes as a junior in college, a traditional day of celebration for all Penn juniors called Hey Day. On my Hey Day, it was 95 degrees.

Man, I miss spring.
fuzzy sweatpants

90s Music Monday!

1995, specifically. That summer was when I first started listening to popular music (with a major assist from flyinbutrs). This and the videos I'll post for subsequent 90s Music Mondays were the ones that were popular on VH1 at the beginning of that summer.

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Harmonicas rule, and the club you really want to get into isn't as cool as you thought it was.