January 26th, 2007

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WXPN just played a Van Morrison song before that I'm pretty sure I've heard (or, rather, remember hearing and paying attention to) exactly once before, perhaps while watching something.

It took me less than a minute to determine that it's called "Caravan", and I heard it before when Amy Gardner was dancing to it at the start of a West Wing episode near the end of season 3.

I love the internet.

Do your taxes online. For free.

Okay, January's almost over. That means that you probably have all of your tax forms by now: your W-2s, your 1099's, and so on. And you're starting to see ads all over the place for That Green Square Company That Has People, and for That Fast Software Company. Yep, it's tax season.

But I'd like to offer you an alternative to those places. You see, my company has long produced internet-based tax software and government benefit application software to help lower and mid-income people do their taxes and apply for benefits for free. It's a wonderful program that I'm proud to work for, and we've helped connect many people in need to money and other services. But one drawback to our program was that it's always been counselor-assisted. You had to go to a clinic and sit down with a counselor to use the program. Great if you live near a clinic, and great if you aren't computer-literate, but less useful for those of you reading this.

Well, that's not a problem anymore. This season, we've completed a pre-release of the self-serve version of our software, currently called Sidney. (Sidney's a cute robot.) With this program, almost anyone who made under $52,000 this year can file their federal taxes online for free, among the first 75,000 to sign up. Additionally, we offer state taxes in 5 states (PA, MD, MS, DC, and OH), and many other states don't have state tax returns. So probably half of you reading this can use our program to do ALL of your taxes. It's quite easy to use; we aim for high usability and easier reading levels. It's obviously a lot cheaper than many other places. And I'd love for you to try it out. And tell your friends, especially if you make too much money to qualify, since you probably know lots of people under the limit.

So go check it out! I'd love to hear your feedback.