January 4th, 2007


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You know what's an awesome feeling? That particular feeling of anticipation you get when doing something routine or even habitual, except that this time you're doing it just before a much more important or well-attended event.

I really think it needs a name.

  • Running out of the tunnel onto the Super Bowl field.
  • Ashrei at the start of ne'ilah.
  • Ma'ariv for Purim (more so if you do a shvach ma'ariv and everyone's waiting for the megillah; less so if you do an interesting ma'ariv and people are actually davening).
  • On opening night:
    "House to half. Stand by blackout cue 3."
    "House is at half. Cue 3 standing by."
    "House out. Cue 3 go."
  • Just guessing here, but probably everything you do on the morning of your wedding. Shower, put on underwear, brush teeth, pour OJ.

Any more?