December 24th, 2006

fuzzy sweatpants

Football Geekery, part 2

The Eagles make the playoffs if any of these happen:

  • The Eagles beat Dallas
  • The Eagles beat Atlanta
  • The Giants lose to Washington (if the Giants win their last game and the Eagles lose their last two, the Giants are definitely in)
  • Green Bay loses to Chicago AND Carolina beats New Orleans
  • Green Bay loses to Chicago AND St Louis beats Minnesota
  • Green Bay and the Giants both win, and the Giants end up with a better strength of victory than Green Bay

If somehow none of these happens, then the Giants get one wild card spot (though circumstances will determine which one), and either ATL or GB gets the other one. (Incidentally, this means that the NFC East is already guaranteed a wild card berth. Here's hoping it's the Cowboys who get it.)

The weird scenarios are the 4th and 5th above, where both CAR and STL can play spoiler and kick ATL out of the playoffs in favor of PHI, even though (assuming none of the first three points happen) no wild card teams are involved in either the CAR/NO or STL/MIN games.

As for playoff opponents, if the Eagles win the division (either by winning out, or by beating the Cowboys tomorrow and backing in next week), they're guaranteed exactly the 3rd seed in the playoffs. They'd host a game in the first round against an 8-8 or 7-9 team, most likely the Giants or Packers. If we go 1-1 and win the wild card, we get the 5th seed and a trip to Seattle. If we go 0-2 but sneak into the playoffs, we'll probably win a trip to Dallas, but New Orleans and Seattle are both still possibilities.