October 9th, 2006


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Oh, man. It was one of the greatest plays in Eagles history. With a small lead and less than a minute to go in the game, the Eagles were back up against their own end zone as the veteran Dallas QB tried to score the touchdown to take the lead away. But he threw it right to an Eagle, and the longest interception return in team history resulted, as the Eagles won the game.

Of course I'm talking about James Willis' interception of Troy Aikman in 1996. Here's the video (or see below the cut). That was a bigger play, I'd say, because back then we just couldn't beat Dallas. This was the era of botched holds on game-winning extra points, of the Eagles losing 6 straight in Dallas, and of Dallas winning 3 of 4 Super Bowls. These days the Eagles have been the better team for years, for the most part, and simply beating Dallas doesn't have the same ecstatic feel that it did then.

Oh, but I'll still take it.

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Cell phone geekery

Hey, any phone geeks out there? I've just started getting into this Engadget Mobile / Phonescoop universe, and y'all have got some neat stuff.

So. I kind of want a 3G flip-style smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. This doesn't yet exist in this country. (And let's ignore for a second that if it did, it would probably cost like $500 even with a new contract, which I wouldn't be likely to spend.)

In fact, I can't even get 3 of these 4 features at once, I don't think. I know of a QWERTY smartphone, a QWERTY flip-phone (Blackberry-capable but not a true smartphone), a flip smartphone, and a 3G flip-phone. But that's it.

So I think I dislike non-flip phones enough to not get one, given these choices. But which of those latter three phones should I get? Or are they all disappointing enough that I should hold out for more? If I wait a couple of months, will I be more likely to find more 3G choices?

Too bad the Samsung SGH-i610 probably isn't going to exist in the US. It'd be just about the perfect phone for me.