September 18th, 2006


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I just bought a 200GB HD for $80, and put it in my ReplayTV. It's so nice to have DVR service from a quasi-bankrupt company that doesn't really care what you do with your hardware. And it's nice that some amateur software developers agree, and wrote drive duplication programs. So I went from 9 free hours (recording at "standard quality", the crappy one) to 171 free hours. This might be the best money I've ever spent.

Reason #20070103 why my job rocks: The big boss is throwing a retirement party for Santorum tomorrow. Though somehow I have a feeling the guest of honor won't be able to make it.

Studio 60 is awesome. (Though admittedly I'm such a sucker audience that it could've been atrocious and I'd be here complimenting it anyway.) The one drawback: It'll take me forever to get the characters' names right. I'll say Danny and mean Cal when everyone else will be thinking of the guy I'd call Josh. At least there's no one on the show called Chandler.

I hate football. No, I don't want to talk about it.

I led services at Minyan Merkaz on Friday night. (jox led Kabbalat Shabbat and I led ma'ariv. We didn't plan it that way.) It went pretty well, I suppose. I didn't get to do all of the nonstandard melodies I wanted (though jox still said I "took risks"), because I wasn't sure if I had enough singalong support. And I was quite nervous, meaning I couldn't project well enough for the stuff that I really needed to be leading; my voice was too shaky. (At this point, every time I lead something, I'm either entirely not nervous, or as nervous as I was at my bar mitzvah. There's no middle ground. At least I've learned since my bar mitzvah to have ready a full cup of water before starting.) But I suppose the need to project is one drawback of leader-facing-the-same-way-as-everyone-else services.

Last warm day today! I'm sad about it, but I definitely enjoyed the 82-degree weather as much as possible. (Which for me meant taking a slightly longer walk than usual at lunch, buying a Rita's Gelato, and leaving the windows open when I got home and spent the rest of the day indoors.) Oh well. Hope y'all had as good a summer as I did.