September 15th, 2006

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Yesterday morning, the top story in Philly was whether Mayor Street would sign the smoking ban that City Council passed a few months ago. (He'd announced that he'd decide yesterday.) So, from Mayor Street's perspective, here were the pros and cons:

  • Pro: By signing the bill, public health would be improved. (Mayor Street has always been in favor of a smoking ban in theory.)

  • Con: By signing the bill, he wouldn't be able to screw over Michael Nutter, the former councilman who was behind this bill and whom Mayor Street hates.

And this was actually a point of debate for him! It's amazing how complacent Democratic office holders can get in Philadelphia, openly contemplating taking action that both your constituents and you yourself disagree with, only for purposes of political gain.

Anyway, it ended up not being an issue. Street signed the bill yesterday! It's supposed to go into law on January 1, 2007. Victory!

Except that there was a typo in the bill. Apparently the bill says January 1, 2006 instead, and now no one knows what to do.

I love this city.
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I think I've decided I like fridayfiver more than thefridayfive or altfriday5.

So, today's Friday Five:

1. How much TV do you watch? Over the summer, not that much. I watched every episode of Psych (except the last two, still sitting on my ReplayTV), Law & Order reruns whenever I was bored, and I always turn the Phillies game on when I'm home for it, though I wouldn't always actually watch it.

Fall is tougher, though. I expect to watch every Eagles game, some of the remaining Phillies games, every Gilmore Girls episode, every Studio 60 episode, many of the new Law & Orders (especially CI), and maybe some random other sporting events.

2. What type of show is your favorite? Is Law & Order a type yet? No? Okay, then. For non-sports things, I like the type of show where people talk fast. (Seriously. Gilmore Girls, everything by Aaron Sorkin, and so on.)

3. Which talk show host do you hate? I never watch talk shows, of any sort. (No daytime in-front-of-an-audience talk, no cable news talk, and no late-night talk. Unless the fake news Comedy Central stuff counts.) I've enjoyed Letterman in the past, though.

4. Are you looking forward to any new season premieres? All of the above-mentioned shows. Or if you mean brand-new stuff, then yeah, Studio 60!

5. Which show is your guilty pleasure? I have to admit, I'm quite interested to see how crappily the 7th Heaven writers will weasel out of the "everyone's having twins at the same time!" plot line that they backed themselves into when they thought the show was ending.