July 11th, 2006


It was a dark and stormy night...

The 2006 results of the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest are up! For those of you who don't know, the contest is to write the worst possible opening sentence of a hypothetical novel. The grand prize winner this year is in the detective genre:
Detective Bart Lasiter was in his office studying the light from his one small window falling on his super burrito when the door swung open to reveal a woman whose body said you've had your last burrito for a while, whose face said angels did exist, and whose eyes said she could make you dig your own grave and lick the shovel clean.
I haven't read the rest yet, but it promises to be fun reading, as usual.

In other news, Y100 is back! The top only Alt Rock station in Philly went off the air over a year ago, but stuck around online as Y100 Rocks, with the same program director and everything. It was more popular than I predicted it would be, and it actually made money. Now WXPN, the only station I listen to anymore, has bought Y100 Rocks, and is putting it on the air ten hours a week! The Y100 name is going away, but everything else is staying, even the 24/7 internet stream separate from XPN's.

I didn't listen to Y100 much in the few years before it shut down, since I was a bigger fan of 1997ish alt rock (Third Eye Blind) than 2001ish alt rock (Limp Bizkit). But I was always glad it was still around, and I can't wait to actually hear it on the radio again. Philadelphia rock fans rejoice!