June 27th, 2006


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I died in the Dungeon of Desh

I was killed in a torchlit armoury by Ferrell the minotaur, whilst carrying...

the Axe of Queen, the Crown of Arcati, the Wand of Queen, the Sword of Phillies, the Armour of Coralrockstar, the Shield of Dishpanwaterr, the Armour of the West Wing, a Figurine of Pkzimmer, the Sword of Stevieg, the Sword of Sabermetrics, the Sceptre of Conana, the Amulet of the Matrix, the Shield of Weather, the Crown of Rahaeli, a Figurine of Pato, the Axe of Decibelle, the Amulet of Philadelphia, the Sceptre of Queen, the Sword of Geb, a Figurine of Sarahq, the Dagger of Monty Python and 246 gold pieces.

Score: 323

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And Alan, thanks for letting me stay bayou for Shabbos

Had an awesome weekend! I skipped out of work early Friday and drove down to the DC area. A bunch of us were staying at alanscottevil's house, and by the time Shabbat came in, tobeginagain and tswhispers and leftyjew and Josh L and Anna, and Alan's housemate Erica were all there at Alan's newly rented house.

We had an awesome Kabbalat Shabbat at home (once again proving that you don't need 10 people to have great apartment-style davening...I need to remember that), featuring plenty of great melodies I don't think about much. (Raffi, apparently "our" Yedid Nefesh tune is a standard at UMD, and I sang it for the first time in years with people other than you and myself this weekend.) After that, we had a wonderfully late dinner. We stayed up way too late talking, got too little sleep, and then woke up early when most of us who were left went to Fabrangen, which I'd never attended before. The rest of Shabbat was quite relaxing, featuring some napping, some more apartment davening, some more great food, some Taboo (see subject line), and some Kent. Really, it was the best Shabbat I've had in quite some time. So many great people, most of whom I'd never met or didn't know too well before. I hate how spread out my friends are, and this crazy transgeographical Jewish community of mine in particular, but that makes it that much sweeter when we all descent on the same place for twenty-five hours together.

After Shabbat, I reminded myself again how much I hate driving in DC. I managed to find SuperDave's summer place around GW, though it was quite difficult to actually get my car there even though I knew exactly where on the grid he was. But I still found him, and we wandered around catching up for a couple of hours. (I saw the White House! And forgot to give it the finger!)

Drove back to Alan's, slept, woke up, parted company with him and tobeginagain (so nice to finally meet you!) and Anna, and drove back into the district for brunch with jdcohen. Jeff, congrats on finally really living in DC, rather than the fake living in DC you were doing all last year! Then after brunch, it was finally time to leave, so I headed north, stopping to grab a gutwoman on the way.

On the way back, I got >$3/gal gas for the first time in my life. I drive so rarely that I can do things like wait a month to get gas after Katrina, and wait until my next Jersey trip to fill up under normal circumstances. But my decision to skip topping off the tank in Delaware caused me to break my streak in Maryland on the way back, when I had to get myself some $3.059. Oh well.

Then instead of going home, I went straight to the Dar Williams concert! It was more sparsely attended than last year's, due to the threatening skies. But there was still a good crowd: I went with jox, gutwoman, benjifus, thornmallow, and Lorrie, and we ran into John and Jason and Farrah from Fest, and also djembe_boy and clan, Sarah, and Yael. It rained all through the opening act, but it was dry and fun for Dar. Everyone was shocked that she didn't play Iowa, but I was happy enough with the babysitter song, Cool As I Am, and When I Was A Boy. Not knowing most of her songs, I'll enjoy pretty much whatever she plays.

Then yesterday morning, I parted company with gutwoman, who's headed overseas, and walked to work, getting a bit drenched in the process. I have a gigantic umbrella, and the only things I'm wearing below the knees are sandals, so I thought I'd stay dry, but it was windy enough that my shorts got rather wet too. Oh well; they're drying. I just miss drought summers...

I'm probably going to take advantage of my off day this Monday and spend a full day this weekend working on KHK, finally. I hope. Does anyone here use Ruby On Rails, know of a good book for it, or know of a particularly good web tutorial? I usually learn languages from the O'Reilly book, but this one isn't out yet. And I've found a couple touted tutorials online that actually sucked. A good starting place would be quite helpful, if anyone knows of one.

And on July 4th, who's up for a 3pm Phillies game?
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MacBooks just showed up on Apple's online store in the refurbished section. About $1350 for the cheap one, the warranty, and a RAM upgrade from Newegg. So tempting...

EDIT: Mac owners, how necessary is the AppleCare warranty?