June 20th, 2006

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Of pressing interest to much of my friends list:

Distinctions in women's hand size may be correlated with interest in "slash" fiction.

"The average man has an index finger that's about 96 percent as long as his ring finger, while the average woman's index and ring fingers are almost exactly the same length. . . . It's a given that many heterosexual men enjoy pornography depicting woman-on-woman sex. It's less common for women to want to think about sex between two men, but some women do enjoy stories featuring male homosexual encounters. Such guy-on-guy erotica often goes under the name slash fiction . . . To investigate, Salmon lined up 40 slash fans and 40 non-fans and measured their fingers with a pair of digital calipers. She found controls averaged a very feminine index/ring ratio of 1.04, fans .97, which is close to the typical male ratio."

I love my newspaper.