June 6th, 2006

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Oh, by the way, jre's blogspot blog http://littlewildbouquet.blogspot.com is now syndicated here as lwbouquet. Usual caveats for new syn feeds apply: It might get spammed by entries at some point in the next day, but will calm down after that. And if you leave comments on the feed, he won't see them unless he actually comes to LJ to read them; it's better to click through to the blog post itself before commenting.


Random quotes I've stumbled across lately:

While standing in the long food lines at the Hadar Shavuot retreat, between the silverware table and the food table, screaming at each other from across two lines:
Lev: "I'll trade you two forks for a spoon."
Desh: "Two forks and a sheep; that's my final offer."
Lev: "I don't have any sheep!"
Lev's girlfriend: "..."


From letters to The Economist, via Gene Weingarten's utterly hilarious chat today:

"SIR - Please do not ever mention George Bush. And Winston Churchill in the same sentence, even if you must break all the rules of grammar to do so."


Life imitating art: "[Air traffic control] came back and asked what my problem was. I told them I had one hand full of snake and the other hand full of plane. They cleared me in."


I think that's good for now. Happy Tuesday!

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Cole Hamels' 3rd career start:

5.2 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 2 K, 90 IP, retired first 11 batters in a row.

They're being a bit too cautious with him, but damn, that's still quite good. I love this kid. ursamajor, I hope you hung onto him.