May 14th, 2006


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Live concert tonight! 4th time I've seen them in person (Tower Theater in 2000, with Counting Crows at the Tweeter Center in 2001ish, and in Rockville, MD in 2004). I was going to go with my cousin, but she was sick, so it was just me. Which was fine; I missed going with her, but I've been to concerts alone before.

I walked the two miles or so to the E-Factory, getting there right as Shabbat ended. Went in just as the opening band was finishing. Met this really nice couple, Cindy and Scott, whom I stood with for the rest of the show. I helped them get the setlist off the soundboard; they bought me water and offered me a ride home. Good tradeoff.

Live was really good. They've finally reached the state where they're used to being a big draw, and just want to make things enjoyable for the fans. So to that end, their renditions of Mirror Song and Lakini's Juice and especially I Walk The Line (yes, Johnny Cash) were awesome, but the best part of the show for me was watching them take their bows and blow the fans kisses at the end. They really seemed thankful that we liked them so much and that we kept coming back. So much so that I'll forgive them for being one of those bands that plays 90% the same show every night.

But I do keep coming back: Lightning Crashes, Run To The Water, Dance With You, and Pillar Of Davidson are 4 of my favorite songs in the world, and they once again played all of them but POD. (I still don't think I've heard that one in person, I'm sad to say.) That alone can put me in a good mood for a week.