May 11th, 2006


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Has this link gone around yet? Mario Live!

I'm crazy busy the next few days. I've been staying late at work to get stuff done and work toward deadlines, which I've actually been enjoying. And here's what I've got coming up:

Tomorrow, work about 9:15-6:30
Friday, work about 9:00-5:00, then synagogue and dinner
Saturday, synagogue, relax for awhile, and then leave home at about 8:00pm to walk 2 miles to the Electric Factory for a Live concert, hopefully timing things so I arrive right when Shabbos ends (and hopefully enjoying dry weather for the walk)
Sunday, Mothers Day, spending time with Mom, and picking stuff up for Tuesday
Monday, work about 9:15-6:30, hopefully not later
Tuesday, Judge an Election. I have to be at the polls roughly 6:30am-9:30pm, after which I have to walk some sensitive materials over to my car and drive them down to the other end of Center City. Then, return home and try to find a parking space, which is always fun late evening.

baseball rambling

Aaron Rowand today made the best catch I've ever seen. With his back to the plate, he ran all the way out to the center-field fence, caught the ball over his shoulder, slammed into the fence which broke his nose, and held onto the ball as he was, to quote Barry Melrose, "leaking" all over the field. He saved 3 runs with the catch, and the Phils ended up winning 2-0. (Maybe Mays' catch was better, but I saw this one as it happened. And maybe Mays' wasn't better; decades of lore may have inflated everyone's opinion of it. I can't say for sure, since I've never seen a good clip of it.)

The best part about Rowand's catch, at least right now, is the article headlined "Rowand loses bout with wall" and containing the paragraph: "Earlier this season, Rowand requested additional padding be added to the fence. The padding was ordered immediately but did not arrive until a couple days ago. (Rowand had been informed of the progress.) The padding is scheduled to be installed next week." How Hitchhiker's Guide. (Or Star Trek: Generations, I guess.)

The Phillies are doing great lately, even with shaky starting pitching. 10 of 11! And they're calling up Cole Hamels, who everyone's damn excited about. The guy's been hurt a lot, but in his entire minor league career he's 14-4, 1.43; this year he's 3-1, 1.04 (with 13.5 K/9 and .168 BAA) which includes 2-0, 0.39 (with an absurd 14 K/9, .128 BAA, and 0.39 BB/9) in AAA. I can't wait.

About 4 years ago, the Phils had these 4 huge minor league pitching prospects, each a level apart. Ryan Madson, Taylor Buchholz, Gavin Floyd, and Hamels. Now Madson is a successful reliever for the Phils (though has trouble every time they try to move him into the rotation), Floyd is starting for the Phils, Hamels is now too, and Buchholz has a sub-4 ERA starting for Houston.

The Phillies can really produce the pitching talent these days. I just wish they'd hold onto it:
Taylor Buchholz: HOU, 2-2, 3.82
Carlos Silva: MIN, has one of the best career BB/9 in the game
Robinson Tejeda: TEX, and his stats suck, but he'll be a solid starter for them in the second half of the year, just watch
Elizardo Ramirez: CIN, 1-2, 3.18, and starting against Hamels tomorrow, apparently!

Oh well. At least we've now got 3 home-grown guys in the rotation, plus Randy Wolf when he comes back from Tommy John surgery, and Madson if he ever figures out how to go more than 2 innings in a game. You know, the Phils are good now, but 2007 might be really exciting...