May 5th, 2006



So I use Firefox on my work computer, and I installed the Tabbrowser Extensions extension a long time ago because I liked some of the features (tab rearranging back when Firefox didn't do that itself, session saving, controlling which things open in new vs. existing tabs, and so on).

IT has since upgraded Firefox a couple times, so I decided to uninstall Tabbrowser Extensions to see which of its features were now standard in the browser. So I uninstall it....and suddenly the browser is 10 times faster. My entire time at this job, I thought I was given a bad machine with not enough RAM for Firefox, when really it was just a crappily written extension that slowed down my entire computer. At least this is good news: I don't feel like I'm getting work done through molasses anymore.

This, friends, is why I don't like Firefox. And the offer still stands: I promise to like Firefox a lot more just as soon as someone can solve these concerns for me.