April 21st, 2006

fuzzy sweatpants

money where my mouth is

After the Pennsylvania primaries in 3 and a half weeks, I'll have earned $120 for my job as Judge of Election. So I decided, what better way to spend that money than to put it back into politics? I don't necessarily need the extra money, but some candidates out there need every cent.

So I've donated $60 to Ned Lamont, who is running against Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary for the CT seat in Senate. Lieberman is a Republican in Democrat's clothing. He's the first to applaud Bush at the state of the union addresses, and he's the first to go on Fox News to make the latest bad Republican policy into a "bipartisan initiative". Connecticut can do better.

I've also donated $60 to the PA Democratic Senate General Election Fund. Whoever wins the Democratic primary needs all the help he can get to beat Santorum, the political establishment's most outspoken member against women's rights, in November. I'm not the world's biggest Casey fan, and having a pro-life Democratic senator to go along with our pro-choice Republican one might not be my ideal state of affairs. But I'm downright embarrassed to say that Santorum represents me in any way whatsoever, and I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure that he no longer does in 2007.

Help out, won't you?