March 5th, 2006


lazyweb: computer problem

Alright, you smart people on my friends list, any idea what's going on here?

On occasion, I am suddenly unable to go to most websites. My browser fails on the "looking up hostname" stage of the process. AIM is still connected when this happens. The problem goes away on its own after a few minutes. However, I figured out at some point that websites with an IP address, such as Google cache sites, work fine. So I open up my config and change my DNS settings from the default (DHCP) to something else, and it works. But then the problem recurs later, and this whole thing happens a couple times a day. So it's a DNS problem, right?

Well, the problem has happened with getting DNS servers by DHCP from my router (which in turn gets DNS by DCHP from Comcast), and with two of Verizon's DNS servers ( and So it's not Comcast's fault. (At this point, I just leave my primary on and my secondary on, and swap them when the web stops working.)

The problem just started happening on another computer behind my router, so the problem isn't my computer. (And I can't very well make my mom go into her DNS settings every time her internet doesn't work, yeah?)

I also tried changing the DNS servers that the router itself uses. I tried, I tried, I tried using DHCP, and I tried explicitly typing in the servers that Comcast assigns me via DHCP. Still happens.

I upgraded my router firmware. Still happens. I haven't yet tried another router, though, because my other one is quite the crappy router for other reasons.

Any ideas? Or, failing a solution, does anyone have any idea on how to write some sort of DNS-setting-changing Windows script that I can just double-click to fix my connection when this happens?