March 1st, 2006



Researching 12-inch laptops. Which do you think looks best?

Note: I'm not looking for a Mac/PC holy war. I'm looking at value for the money, both in terms of features listed here and in terms of other things you may know about these computers. I'm also looking for key features you think I might have forgotten to include. Stuff like that.

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The next DC?

Apparently there's a new independent minyan in Center City Philly! I'm not sure why I wasn't consulted on this. I'm currently trying to find information on them, but either they're bad at marketing or I'm bad at Googling. All I've heard so far are "in a church", "maybe about once a month on Fridays", and "Hadar-style". Those first two don't tell me much about it, and I don't know what the third one means. I've also been told that it might be called "minyan merkaz" or "mercaz minyan" or something like that, so if any of you want to try your hand at Googling, feel free.

My synagogue's rabbi apparently went to check it out, so maybe I'll have to ask him for more info. Which seems like the unlikeliest place to find out about this sort of thing, but at this point I'll take what I can get.