February 27th, 2006

fuzzy sweatpants


For those of you who haven't heard, I got a new job. I started today.

Since getting my job, I've decided to spend some of my savings. I've bought a Radio Shark, about $40 in books at the YU book sale, 6 CDs, $50 in clothes I didn't need, innumerable $12 meals in restaurants, and a camping pillow. I also almost bought a last-minute plane ticket for an impromptu vacation last week, and I'm still considering buying a used PS2 and Pump It Up. This is all bad, as I should be saving this money for a security deposit on a future apartment, for a new bed, and for trips I really want to take this summer. I'll be frugal again soon, just as soon as I get out of the "congrats, now go treat yourself" mentality.

Of the CDs, so far I'm liking the Fiona Apple one best, with the 10,000 Maniacs greatest hits a close second. Dar's live album isn't as good as actually seeing Dar live, but I'll take it. I haven't listened to the Reel Big Fish one yet. And I haven't received both Hootie CDs yet to round out my complete collection, but I'm more excited about the album of cover songs than the other one.

You all know about Pollstar, right? The best way to find out about concerts in your area? Well, according to them, the first act confirmed for Philly Folk Fest this year is my favorite new act from last year, Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams! I saw an amazing show of theirs a few weeks ago at the Tin Angel, with only a few dozen people in attendance, and they weren't one of those acts that only seems good in a festival atmosphere. Their stuff definitely holds up. And they're scheduled for Friday, too, which is the day I'm most likely to be able to attend.

4 more years until I can see curling again, huh? There's a curling club in Philly, but they're at least 20 miles from here, and their only open houses are on Saturdays. There are beginners' classes, but I don't think I would sign up for one sight unseen. Oh well. (Shut up, pkzimmer. It's a real sport, dammit. And one I actually like. Shawn Rojeski for the Wheaties box!)

I never did write about JITW, did I? And those of you who have any idea what JITW is have probably heard plenty about it already. So let's just say that I went two weekends ago, and I had an awesome time.

Finally, I should link to blogs and such more often. In particular, the incomparable mahrabu is at it again. To follow up his Taxonomy of Jewish Pluralism (which should've won a Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards award), he's posting a series of hilchot pluralism, the "laws" defining a pluralistic Jewish community. Go read Part I and Part II.