January 29th, 2006


Events this week

Okay, I fully intend to go to all of these. Who's in? arcati? superri? Anyone at all? For any of them?

Wed Feb 1, 8pm: Natalie MacMaster, Grand Opera House in Wilmington (~$26)
Thur Feb 2, 6:30pm or 9pm (I think): Teatron's show, Penn campus ($cheap)
Sat Feb 4, 10pm (though I could probably be convinced to go to the 7pm show): Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, Tin Angel ($15)

All together, my friends are an accident

Because I'm bored and a nerd, and an Excel master, I decided to calculate the geographic average of everyone on my Friends list right now. (Well, minus the people who I never talk to anymore or whose location I don't know.)

The Hawaii and England/Israel people approximately canceled each other out, as did the British Columbia and Florida folks.

And I end up with an average practically on top of a town called Accident in Western Maryland. Which puts me barely closest to bloomable, who just beats out the Pittsburgh folks, with the DC-area folks probably edging out Baltimore, Richmond, and Hurricane WV for third place.