November 16th, 2005



Spent a lovely weekend last weekend in D.C. (Sorry, Rob and Kiwi and Naomi and everyone else down there whom I didn't get to visit.) On Friday, I ditched my car at a Metro stop and took the subway into Mount Pleasant and Zach T.'s house. When I got there, Rob (different Rob) was outside with his laptop, their cat was on the couch purring, and their friendly neighbor the meditation teacher had just stopped by to introduce herself. It couldn't have been any friendlier of a welcome if it was a setup to try to get me to rent their newly vacant room. Though I'm not moving to D.C. Right?

Friday night services and dinner at Tikkun Leil Shabbat, where aside from Joelle and Sarah and the rest of the D.C. crew, was Shahar and Marisa and BZ and others down from NYC. Also, Simma was there! Though it wouldn't be a true Jewish event if I didn't run into someone I know unexpectedly, right?

Saturday morning, and basically the entire afternoon too, was at the Zoo Minyan. For all of you who make fun of my extreme egalitarianism and feminism in my approaches to Judaism, let me tell you that I've met my match. The Zoo Minyan's liturgy is way too altered for me. I have to spend time thinking about how I feel about that, and why.

After Shabbat, it was a night out on the town! A crowd of us made havdalah and then went down to a Jewish Slam Poetry reading, featuring Ruby K and Matthue Roth. I didn't think I'd enjoy it, because I'm not much of a poetry person. But when poetry gives up some of the subtlety and imagery in exchange for anger, suddenly it makes a lot more sense to me. Who knew? And, true to form, I had to run into someone, and this time it was sen_ichi_rei. I had no idea she was there; we should've carpooled.

After the poetry reading and an absurdly rich dessert, I bid farewell to the Jewishly-focused part of the evening, and went to meet up with Nova for an hour, who was in a bar in Dupont Circle attending a birthday party. We hung out there and caught up; it's so nice to see my summer people when it's not summer. I ended the evening at nytesenvy's and jdcohen's (whose room I've finally seen!), arriving there at about 1 am.

Sunday, since the Eagles weren't playing until Monday night (and since I didn't know at that point that it wouldn't be a game worth watching anyway), why rush home? So I stopped in Baltimore to chill with rahaeli and sarahq! Such a good afternoon with such good company (and Katamari). You know, it's expensive to live in the megalopolis, but it's worth it. It seems like you're never more than a few hours' drive away from half the people in the world.