November 15th, 2005

fuzzy sweatpants

(no subject)

I just changed my AIM screenname. I had the old one for about 9 years. It feels so weird, like I've changed my legal name or something. This will take me months to get used to. But the old name was tied to an AOL account, so it'll go away when my mom eventually cancels AOL. The change had to be done, but man, it's sad.

(I'm not going to say what my screenname is in a public entry. If you knew the old one, check its away message.)

EDIT: Maybe not. Does anyone know anything about what happens to AIM screennames tied to canceled accounts? I'm trying to figure this out, and having trouble. If you canceled your AOL account at some point, when did you cancel, and did your screenname still work after? And did your screenname still work 6 months later? (I've heard that the 6-month mark is magical somehow for this sort of thing.) Please comment!

EDIT AGAIN: FALSE ALARM. I just called AOL, and they confirmed that you can keep your screenname. So I won't be changing, or at least not now. I still want to hear from y'all, though, because I don't think AOL's above lying to me if they think it's good for business. What happened when you canceled AOL?