November 8th, 2005



I just came back from voting.

There was one office for which no one was running. I wrote in myself. I figure it's a novel way to look for a job, if nothing else. We'll see if anything happens.

Never before have I voted in an election in which the ballot issue is the most important. Philadelphia's democratic machine has been running overtime lately, with a recent corruption trial, an even more recent resigning of a city councilman due to corruption charges, and just a general stench of pay-to-play (a fancy term for bribery, I suppose) all around the city. The ballot question in Philadelphia is a complicatedly-worded thing about reducing the possibility for future pay-to-play arrangements. Voting YES on that felt better than most candidates I've voted for in the past. (Excepting myself, of course.)

Go vote! I don't care where you live. If there are elections being held today, they're important. (Especially in New Jersey and Ohio, among other states.) Go, go, go!