October 3rd, 2005


shana tova

K: shanah tovah
me: shanah tovah!
K: hi
me: hi. (-:
K: how goes
K: long time no sexually harass
K: :-)

Ah, Rosh Hashanah. The friendliest holiday of the year, where the need to ask forgiveness, or send best wishes for the new year, turns into a great opportunity to contact people you haven't talked to in too long, but never want to totally lose contact with. When the silly banter, or the shared history, makes you want to reach out and extent the friendship that could probably survive another few months without contact, but not a few years.

None of you reading this really fall into that category. For better or for worse, my LiveJournal friends page has become my closest friend this year. While those of you I met online take on a more prominent role in my life as I meet you in person and as I spend more of my time on this infernal website, I find myself becoming less close with those people who don't read about my life here. (As in, why take the time to update a friend on your life, when you just did it for a bunch of your other friends, in a format suitable for reading by many, and in words well-considered enough that you shouldn't have to repeat them?) This isn't good or bad, really. It is how it is. And believe me, I don't take this site or any of you for granted.

Shana tova. Happy new year.


If I've done anything in the past year (or even before that) to wrong you or offend you, please accept my sincerest apologies. This is the time of year when Jews are supposed to ask forgiveness for sins against their fellow man. But more than that, I just don't like wronging people, and I want to fix it when I can, and let people know I'm sorry when I can't. If I've done something to you that's so egregious or complicated that this apology isn't enough for you, please feel free to email me (my address is in my userinfo) so we can discuss it.