September 30th, 2005

fuzzy sweatpants

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I told Josh Joplin that he's got to play more Philly shows on Thursdays, since I haven't been able to see him in 3 years and I can't usually go to Friday shows. He asked if I was observant Jewish. I said that I was, and that some of my friends were too, and I pointed to the table where I was sitting. (I brought flyinbutrs and ran into a bunch of people once there.) He said he'd try to, and that I wasn't the only one who's asked him to do so. He wished me a good yomtov. It was 8% awkward and 92% really awesome.

Great show, too. BC Camplight opened (even though Josh twice called them "BC Campfire"), and they were really good. Vaguely Ben Folds Five-ish plus guitar and synth, and they're local too! I first saw Josh Joplin as a TMBG opener. Maybe I'll go see a BC Camplight show one day, and hear this awesome opening band there...

Oh, and flyinbutrs, the site I was telling you about is