September 4th, 2005

fuzzy sweatpants


About a year ago, the US government passed a law mandating that everyone be able to receive a credit report at least once a year from each of the three main credit bureaus, free of charge. This law was to be phased in over time.

As of 3 days ago, the Northeast part of the country was added, and now everyone is eligible.

Do yourself a favor and double-check your credit, now that there's no reason not to. Head to (the official site; the bureaus are allowed to charge you if you try to get your credit report through any other means), pick your favorite bureau, and make sure there's nothing in your report that you weren't expecting. You can do this every 4 months if you pick a different bureau each time, or every year if you want to do all 3 at once. It's worth 10 minutes for the peace of mind.

I'm going to stop sounding like a spam email now. Goodbye.