August 15th, 2005

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Got into it a bit with my Ultimate captain today. He's acting more like a coach, handling all the substitutions himself rather than letting us do it ourselves, which is more what I'm used to. And he sat our best runner all second half because he was late getting back from halftime. This is the sort of thing that makes sense in a school or pro league, but this is just a bunch of people who all paid the same $75 to play for the summer. Yes, we want to win, but we want to have fun more. Or at least I do.

So I explained to him and the co-captain that I hate being called out after just playing one point all the time. That I'm not as bad a player as they think, and that this is the least I've ever gotten to play in 4 summer leagues. That I hate to see one of our best players playing 80% of the points and jogging out there, when all I do is play hard. That they don't even know what my best Ultimate skills are, because they just want me off the field as soon as possible. They didn't disagree with any of that (well, I didn't really say the last thing about them wanting me off the field), but they defended their strategy.

Well, whatever. There's a Dar Williams concert on Sunday, and that's more important to me than Ultimate right now. So if we're still playing on Sunday of Finals weekend, but it runs too late, I'm out of there. I care more about having fun than watching my team win. (Not that we won today.)

The best irony here? Last year, my team captain was excellent about making everyone feel welcome and important. He started calling me T.O. after I caught a few scores in some games late in the season. (Perhaps Cris Carter would've been a more apt moniker; all I did was catch touchdowns.) And now I feel like the 2005 version of T.O., griping about playing time and changing into street clothes before the game ended. I guess I should demand more money next.

overload of awesomeness

Okay, so next year, the Havurah Institute is a week later than usual, from August 7th-13th. I knew this already.

What I didn't know until just now is that Folk Fest just got moved to be a week earlier than usual, to be the third weekend in August. This makes sense, because so many people can't go to Fest because of when their college starts, and now even some Philly-area high schools, which have always traditionally started after Labor Day, are earlier. Except this is crazy for me because the Monday beforehand, when I'd usually go up to the Fest site, is now the DAY AFTER Institute.

So barring wedding- (Dear everyone: Please never get married in August. Thanks.) or employment-related reasons that might keep me from attending both events next year, it looks like my August of Awesomeness 2006 will be condensed into a two-week mid-August brain-breaking socially-overloaded emotion-fucking-with crazy-transition-ful Awesomeness Of A Lifetime, so titled because it may not be survivable.

djembe_boy, conana, deled, you with me? How about you, hubkub and benjifus?