July 19th, 2005


a "normal" update?

Yeah, life's going well.

My car's doing great, knock on wood. Happier than it's been in a long time. It now has a new engine head gasket, new front brake pads, re-lubricated front brake calipers, two new tires, new oil, and a full tank of gas. No sign of more weirdness like on the trip south. Duct tape solves all the leakage problems. And yeah, it's old, but right now it's doing great for its age. I'll hit 120K by the end of the year.

Enjoying Frisbee this summer, as always. I think I'll never have a team as fun as my first summer, but I still love the game and like my team a lot. Today we won one of the most humid games I've ever played in, to put us at 5-3 for the season. The score was 13-11 and we were close to scoring again when everyone decided it was just too dark to keep playing safely. We wore them down with zone all day, which worked perfectly: they didn't turn it over much, but they rarely brought it up the field either, and any Summer League team will probably turn it over after about 50 swing passes in place. It worked, but it was damn exhausting.

It can be frustrating sometimes that I feel like my Ultimate abilities have regressed as I've gotten more experience. I touched the disc a total of 4 times today: I caught a pass to prevent a turnover after a pick was called, I got a jumping D when playing last-back, I got a handblock D against a fast break while backed up against my own endzone, and I scored a point. In other words, I went an entire game without throwing the disc once. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. And I know I'm one of the least skilled players on the team, but really, I wish that half the team hadn't been screaming "NO!" as Barry hucked me the disc on my one score. Oh well. Still had fun, we still won, and I helped a bit and didn't screw anything up.

Work's going well. 6 more days in the office.

I'm totally hooked on John Dies at the End. (Thanks, ladysisyphus!) It's the most fun I've ever had reading something online since Dylan told me about She Hates My Futon, and not just because it's frequently abbreviated "JDATE". It's written really well in spite of the wandering plot, it would probably be the scariest thing I've ever read if it took itself more seriously, and unlike Futon, it (probably) has an ending. This is the first time in very long that I've been juggling reading two works of fiction simultaneously. I read very little fiction anymore, but I'm enjoying myself now.

I should really start writing some cover letters.

BZ (mahrabu) continues to write amazing stuff. Such as a Taxonomy of Jewish Pluralism. Go, read, any of you who I frequently interact with in Jewish contexts, or any of you who are interested in Judaism at all.

And in closing, a not-quite-comprehensive list of the worst-kept secrets of all time:

1) The thing in Harry Potter 6
2) The thing in Final Fantasy VII
last) The thing in The Sixth Sense

(comments are a spoiler-free zone)