March 21st, 2005

fuzzy sweatpants

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I saw thornmallow today! First time in over two years. Her house, too. The kitchen's new, but thank goodness the paper mache horse is still there.

So good to see her, of course. Really, I'm so damn good at picking friends. It's amazing how such a large majority of everyone I've ever been close to manages to stay a great person even when they inevitably change and grow. I'm so lucky.

Of course it got me thinking back, and I'm realizing that 1997 really was the most momentous, important year in my life. Not only because I met thornmallow. (And peneli. And below_the_belt.) I just changed and grew a lot myself that year. I really think of my 16th birthday as a major dividing point between Before and After. The other years in the past that had a big impact on me, and that I have enough distance to comment on, are probably Junior year (September 2001-September 2002) and 7th grade (say June 1993-June 1994). Nothing like 1997, though. I started to grow up then.

And man, it was 8 years ago already. For the first time, I have the distinct sense of having a lot of memories. I really am getting older, aren't I?