March 10th, 2005


one year ago

One year ago yesterday, I started my road trip. Last March 10th at 10:00am, I was waking up at lunrgoddess's apartment, then packing up to head into DC to have lunch with noames.

I miss it so much. I really think that my road trip is the best thing I've ever done, or at least near the top of the list. 12 days of visiting friends, no matter what city they were in. And when I wasn't visiting friends, I was alone with my thoughts. I'm better at being alone, I think, than most people I know are. I think it's a very important skill. And I don't know how much my trip had to do with that, but I like to think it played a big role.

One of the hardest things to come to grips with, in my current state of employment, is how inflexible my time is. I haven't even been up to North Jersey to see my dad in 3 months, let alone returning to DC, enjoying an evening in New York, making my semiannual visit to Providence, or visiting my relatives in Florida. I really also want to visit Boston, which I can't get enough of; Toronto, which I haven't seen enough of; and San Francisco, which I haven't even seen at all yet. But beacuse I can't travel on Friday evenings, and because all of my time off goes to Jewish holidays and my August of Awesomeness plans, these trips are going to stay hard to do. I do like my job, and it is important to my personal growth that I stay here for now. But if I ever leave, the ability to free up these restrictions will be a big reason why.

Which is what makes my trip last March so special. The timing was perfect; after college but before a job. The only thing that would've been better is if I'd realized how long that stretch would be, and done it twice. I don't think I realized how much of an impact that trip would have on me at the time, and I'm so glad I embraced the idea and the challenge and did it anyway.