February 28th, 2005



Componentbranddetailssitepriceafter rebate
BarebonesShuttlesn85g4 (small form factor)newegg$250$250
ProcessorAMDAthlon 64 3000+newegg$146$146
MemoryKingmax2x512 DDR 3200newegg$107$107
Video cardAOpenNVIDIA GeForce 6600GTnewegg$194$194
Video CardATI9600 All In Wonder w/ Remotenewegg$172$172
HDHitachiDeskstar 160GB ATA (not SATA)CompUSA$120$60
CDRosewillDVD+-R dual layer, CD-R, etcnewegg$50$50

So what do y'all think? That's without a monitor, and without XP Pro and Office, which yes, I do want legit copies of. But it seems like a total of about $1100 for an awesome small-form-factor monitorless PC. Thoughts? Suggestions? Quickly, please. My money is burning a hole in my pocket, and if I'm not lucky, something is also burning a hole in my hard drive right now. It sounds that way, at least.

edit: Apparently the power supply maybe can't handle the video card? Crap. Now looking for good 240W video card options... edit again: Yay, All In Wonder! Should work, right?