January 26th, 2005


Sunday Reclamation

So I spend every Sunday from April through August at least somewhat focused on baseball, and I spend every Sunday from September through January totally focused on football. So I have two free months in there with no Sunday plans. And due to the hockey insanity, I have two months without a single sporting event that I care about. Therefore, with this newfound free time and because of my rising stress levels, I am hereby declaring a Sunday reclamation project.

Starting with this Sunday, and going every Sunday through March, except for Super Bowl Sunday and JITW weekend, I will:

  • Wake up in my own house
  • Spend an hour cleaning, which includes at least 30 minutes of physical cleaning (room, basement, shoveling snow) and at least 15 minutes of digital cleaning (ReplayTV shows, inbox, computer backups)
  • Spend an hour watching TV
  • Do a load of laundry
  • Try to exercise
  • Eat a freshly-cooked or leftover dinner, not a frozen one or takeout
  • Sleep 8.5 to 9 hours between midnight and midnight, with any naps counting double, and under no circumstances being in bed later than 11:15pm Sunday
  • Read 20 pages of a book, if I haven't yet that weekend
  • Not worry at all, even a little, if I fail to meet any of these goals (especially the exercise one)

If I stick to this even sometimes, I have a feeling it will lead to a vast life improvement. Especially in the monday portion of life. We'll see how it goes.

Early prediction

Super Bowl XXXIX will be a crisp game dominated by the defenses. And Belichick and Johnson will have those defenses play very conservatively. There won't be any turnovers, there might not be any sacks, and there will be fewer than 10 blitzes by both teams combined. Each team will score one touchdown, and two fantastic kickers will do the rest of the scoring. McNabb hits L.J. Smith before halftime for a 7-3 Eagles lead, and Corey Dillon takes the Patriots' lead back in the 3rd quarter with a 12-yard run. Almost everything after that is David Akers. The final play of the game is Adam Vinatieri's attempted Super Bowl record 58-yard field goal hitting the crossbar and bouncing back into the Eagles' end zone.

Eagles 16, Patriots 13