January 24th, 2005


the spectre of another monday

I'm starting to worry some about my hard drive. Does anyone have a copy of Norton Ghost that they're willing to sell or share with me? Or know how I can get one any other way? (Note to LJ Abuse Team: I am not soliciting illegal materials don't hurt me.) Or know of any other good backup utilities like that? Let me know. Thanks.

And speaking of ghosts, everyone kept calling Michael Vick that all last week. "How do you catch a ghost?", they'd say. Well, you catch a ghost by scaring it, apparently. Did you see Burgess's second sack, that open-field beauty? You could just smell the fear coming from Vick. That was the moment the game ended, if you ask me.

(Yeah, if you don't like football, you might not want to read my journal for the next two weeks or so.)