January 10th, 2005



Concerts I might go to. Anyone interested?

Thur 1/27: Paul and Storm at The Point
Fri 2/4: Josh Joplin at the Tin Angel (except not. Why must he always play on Fridays?)
Thur 2/10: Girlyman at World Cafe Live
Sat 2/19: They Might Be Giants somewhere in Swarthmore (though I can find very little info on this, so it may not exist) Yeah, that whole existing thing doesn't seem to be working out in my favor
Sun 2/27: Eileen Ivers in Bethesda, MD
Sat 3/5: Lisa Loeb at The Point
Tue 3/8: Xavier Rudd at the TLA
Thur 3/17: Solas at World Cafe Live
Sat 3/19: Celtic Fiddle Festival at World Cafe Live
Sun 4/17: Tempest and Full Frontal Folk at the North Star Bar (or the day before in Sellersville, PA)