November 22nd, 2004


(no subject)

Today, The Evening Bulletin, an evening newspaper in Philadelphia which apparently stopped publishing about 22 years ago, resumed publication. My coworker showed me his copy a few hours ago, and I immediately got excited. I ran out on my first break and bought three copies. Twenty-five cents each. "Vol. I No. 1"

I'd never heard of the paper before in its previous incarnation, but I love this stuff. I'm not a history buff in the conventional sense, but I like things like pictures of cities in the 1920s, unused trolley tracks, and evening papers.

And what a paper this is. 28 pages, broadsheet-style, one section. Very high quality newsprint. A wonderful font, which I'm in the process of identifying the editor-in-chief just e-mailed me back and told me is MVB Verdigris. (Isn't it beautiful?) Very little color, not even on the weather map. The above-the-fold story entitled "Septic Steam Stinks Up Center City Sidewalks" refers to the smell variously throughout the article as "blinding stench", "septic stink", "funky fumes", "putridity", "nasal nuisance", "malodor", and "mephitic vapors".

I love it. I love that I'm reading an evening paper. In fact, I'm also considering taking up pipe smoking, and will from now on always wear a hat outdoors and slippers in my own home.