November 18th, 2004



Because my mind has been bored lately, and it decided to start some lists. But not finish them.

Best Months
1. August
2. October
3. January
4. May
5. June
12. February

Things I want to do at some point in my life
daven mincha with a minyan at a rest stop, preferably on the Jersey Turnpike
See the aurora borealis
Invite our family's lifelong occasional cleaning woman to my wedding
Spend Yom Kippur at the Leader Minyan in Jerusalem
Have a clean bedroom
EDIT: Actually learn Hebrew. (How'd I forget this one?)
Take a train somewhere I've never been before
Cook cholent for the LJ Abuse Team
Watch the Phillies clinch the World Series in person. Or at least go to the parade.

Best TV shows new enough that I can remember when they were on
1. My So-Called Life
2. Gargoyles
3. Sportscenter (think about it...)
4. The Wonder Years
and a bunch more

Best spectator sport experiences
1. 1993 Phillies
2. 1999-2000 Flyers
3. 2001-2002 Eagles
4. 2003-2004 Flyers
5. 2004 Red Sox

Members of the mainstream media who have noticed that the presidential election might not be over, or at least, not as conclusive as everyone would like you to believe
1. Keith Olbermann

I had another good one too. Oh well.