October 24th, 2004



I keep not thinking of anything interesting to write about that's more than 2 sentences long. And I keep not remembering the shorter ideas either.

I spent half the weekend in New York. Saw tons of people from my past, both surprises and not, and both recent past and way in the past. I like it there, sometimes.

Then I had dinner last night with my dad, step-mom, and step-brothers, to celebrate that my dad's been cancer free for a year! Yay!!! Great dinner, too. Mahi-mahi is my new favorite fish.

The Eagles won again. Yay!

Why is it that "dance like no one's watching" has such a good rep, but "sing like no one's listening" doesn't? I think that's silly. This is the final justification I need to never hold back my singing. I mean, I think I have a decent voice, but if you disagree, I officially no longer care.

<jew-stuff> At Kol Zimrah Friday night, I learned great melodies for ma'ariv aravim and v'shamru, both written by the guy leading services. Too bad I have no musical memory. I'll try to get Ben to send me some sort of copy of them, so I can really learn them. I did remember the melody for yigdal that we did, though, which I'd heard once before. I really need to collect a bunch these, and then actually lead services somewhere at some point. Still haven't really ever done that. I think that not only would I be capable of doing so at this point with only a little preparation, but I'd do an amazing job with either psukei d'zimrah or Shabbat ma'ariv in particular. </jew-stuff>

Regular paychecks are nice, I have to say. Being un-unemployed has its benefits.

Poll #372110 What to spend on?

I could save the leftover money from my last few paychecks, or pay down debt, but should I instead spend some of the money on...?

Paying my cell phone bill
Joining a gym
Dance Dance Revolution
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night