September 28th, 2004


Top 7 grad programs that interest me

Top 7 grad programs that interest me. In approximate order of how interested I am. As I've said for awhile, I'll probably try for one just as soon as I'm interested enough in one that it rises above the others. Which could be years and years away, and that's fine.

1. MBA, probably specializing in logistics or some other less common specialty. (Edit: Non-profit management? Do good and be not-poor at the same time? Do they even have that specialty?)
2. Masters in Linguistics
3. Masters in Library Science
4. Law school
5. Professional baseball umpiring school
6. Whatever sort of degree you need nowadays to teach high school
7. Some sort of Ph.D. in communications, sociology, linguistics, or some combination thereof, studying internet communication

Yes, math is not on there at all. I've come to terms with this.